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These quality wind meters are constructed from aluminum, stainless steel, and polymer components.  Machined pivot bushings and balanced weight arm ensures its sensitivity.  They are designed with unique locking clips that attach the probe securely to any 5/8" to 7/8" diameter pole.  It snaps on conveniently with no tools.  The weight arm is adjustable to control sensitivity. 
Available in 2 sizes:
Medium:  16" diameter with 1 1/2" dots
Large:  18" diameter with 2" dots

Indicator color available in bright green, bright orange, or bright pink.  Please specify your color choice.


Wind Meter Prices
Medium:  $87.50
Large:     $98.50

Includes:  24" pole with anchor pin

Weighted Tripod Stand

The stand is designed on a 21" diameter for stability.  The legs can be adjusted to different angles to keep the meter plumb on uneven ground.  Locking screws allow the legs to be secured.  The stand has a 3/8" hole drilled to receive the anchor pin that comes with an Orlando Wind Meter pole.

Price: $32.00 (does not include shipping)

To view entire stand, visit "Match Blocks" page